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D-Addicts Forum's Section Descriptions

Postby jholic » Wed Apr 27, 2005 1:37 am

* Forum’s Section-Related Guidelines/Descriptions *
(Click on the topic to go to that section of the forum)

General Guidelines:
- Familiarize yourself with the language, terms and jargon for forums. Read our "General Forum-Related FAQ" for a good overview, especially if you've never participated in a forum before.
- Read through the guidelines and descriptions of the sections before posting and participating. It will make your experience more enjoyable and will save you some embarrassment. Exercise sound judgment and post in the proper section of the forum.
- Perform a search in the forum/section before starting a new topic of your own. Perhaps the question you have has already been answered or the topic is being discussed.
- Conduct yourself in a respectable manner. Trolling, spamming, pornography, unprovoked attacks, harassing or threatening our members will not be tolerated. Cursing should be kept to a minimum. Unnecessary complaints should be avoided.
- Our readers consist of males and females, ages ranging from children to senior citizens, residing in many different countries, and are of many different ethnicities, cultures and beliefs. Please keep this in mind when you are posting and replying.
- We reserve the right to define spam as anything we feel does not belong in this forum.
- Do not post direct download links to movies/films. Discussion about movies/films is fine, but do not post direct links to torrents, edonkey, clubbox, etc...

Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to lock or move threads according to their best judgement, but we can make mistakes. If you feel a thread was treated improperly, please PM a moderator with specific reasons why you think the thread should be reinstated.

D-Addicts Announcements
- This section is for the site administrators (Ruroshin / MoerkJ) or the moderators to release announcements, updates, or news related to d-addicts, the forum, or the tracker
- Primary Section Rule: Feel free to post in existing threads, but do not create new threads in this section
- Suggestions for Improving D-Addicts
- Make A Donation to D-Addicts

D-Addicts Stuff
- Data, links, images, competitions, and other stuff related to D-Addicts are stored in this section
- DramaWiki - An Information Repository for Asian Dramas
- Links Related to D-Addicts

Series of the Week/Month
- Vote for the Japanese Series of the Week (JSOTW), Korean Series of the Month (KSOTM), or Chinese Series of the Month (CSOTM) in this section
- Primary Section Rule: Get the mods’ permission before starting any topics in this section
- Detailed SOTW/SOTM Rules

- “Soft-subtitle” files (by fansub groups or individuals), created for asian dramas released on D-Addicts and elsewhere, are posted in this section
- Primary Section Rule: Do NOT start new threads to request subtitles
- Detailed Subtitle Section Guidelines

- Learn how to “fansub”, discuss fansubbing tips, issues and problems in this section
- Primary Section Rule: Do NOT start new threads to request subtitles
- D-Addicts Fansub Group Wiki
- How To Be A Good Fansubber
- Fansubbers, WE LOVE YOU!

General Discussions
- Discuss any kind of topic(s) that do not fit into any of the other sections (check below first)
- Primary Section Rule: No spamming or illicit content. We define spam to be soliciting/advertising, multiple consecutive posts (please use the edit button), threads with no points for discussion (i.e. one-line replies), and anything your email spam filter would get rid of (e.g. chain mail-type games/tests).
- New Member? Introduce Yourself Here

Japanese / Korean / Chinese Entertainment
- Discuss J/K/C entertainment and culture related topics and issues in these sections. The main forum is for discussion of anything that does not meet the criteria of the following subforums:
    Japanese / Korean / Chinese Actors & Actresses
    - Discuss your favorite actors and actresses.
    - There are threads dedicated to individual actors and actresses. Please search the forum before making a new thread. If a thread doesn't exist, please feel free to make a new thread.

    Japanese / Korean / Chinese Drama Discussions
    - There are discussion threads dedicated to each drama. Please use the search function to find them within the subforum. If you cannot find the one for the drama you are looking for, feel free to start a new thread.
    - Member recommendations/favorites: Japanese Dramas / Korean Dramas / Chinese Dramas

International Community
- Talk to fellow d-addicts members in your native language or to other members living in the same region.
- Please check the existing threads for a match before creating a new thread.

Life & Relationships
- The real life drama forum. Discuss your relationships or get to know the other members here.
- Primary Section Rule: No spamming or illicit content (see General Discussion rules)

- Post technical issues and difficulties that you are experiencing and someone may be able to assist you – if you provide adequate information, detail and perhaps some screenshots
- Primary Section Rule: Do NOT ask questions that are covered in the Video/Torrent FAQ
- D-Addicts Video/Torrent FAQ
- Creating/Uploading Torrents & Making Proper Torrent Comments
- Tweaking Bittorrent – How To Configure Bittorrent

Tech Talk
- Discuss anything technical and geeky here.
- Recommended Bittorrent Clients

Seeding & Upload Requests
- You may politely ask for seeds or new uploads in this section
- Primary Section Rule 1: Do NOT start new threads if there is an existing one
- Primary Section Rule 2: Movies/Films are NOT allowed on D-Addicts
- Detailed Seed Request Guidelines

Torrent Comments
- All topics/threads in this section are automatically after a torrent has been approved for distribution on the D-Addicts’ tracker, allowing users to post comments, compliments, and gratitude
- Primary Section Rule 1: Do NOT post any new threads or topics in this section
- Primary Section Rule 2: Do NOT post any seed or upload requests in this section
- Detailed Torrent Comment Guidelines

Torrents Pending (under construction....)
- All topics/threads in this section are automatically generated when a torrent is uploaded to the D-Addicts’ tracker. Torrents listed in this section cannot be downloaded until approved.
- Primary Section Rule 1: Do NOT post any new threads or topics in this section
- Primary Section Rule 2: Do NOT post any seed or upload requests in this section
- Detailed Torrent Pending Guidelines

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