Akutotachi wa Senri wo Hashiru [Japanese Subs] (2016) (Complete)

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Akutotachi wa Senri wo Hashiru [Japanese Subs] (2016) (Complete)

Postby tenkal » Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:50 am


悪党たちは千里を走る / Akutotachi wa Senri o Hashiru
(How Bad Can We Get?)

Takasugi Atsuro had been a drama director of a production company. But his entire proposal was stolen by his boss Nezu Kazuhisa and he was also given a setdown, “You would be absolutely worthless without the company”. He quits the company in a fury and is even saddled with 10 million yen in debt. Only the good-natured assistant director Sonobe Yuto, whom he has been working with, follows him. Takasugi and Sonobe discuss their future at Takasugi’s apartment. Takasugi talks about filming an independent movie while Sonobe, who is always broke, is worried about the future because his wife is pregnant with twins. The two of them come up with the idea to kidnap a wealthy family’s dog. Their target is the pet dog Rex of the Shibuis. Shibui Takahiro and Ayako have a son called Takumi who is a child actor in dramas. Ayako is an avid stage mother and always brings Rex to the set. Takasugi and Sonobe are convinced that she will pay a large ransom for the dog. When Sonobe temporarily leaves the room, a mysterious lady Mikami Natsuko takes advantage to burst in. Takasugi is not acquainted with Natsuko and is surprised by her appearance. He is told that she spent last night with him in this apartment and he is disturbed. Natsuko somehow knows about their game plan to kidnap the dog. Then Takumi curiously comes to the apartment too. Even he knows about the dog kidnapping scheme.bTakumi suggests that they kidnap him instead. They cannot possibly do that and Takasugi sends Takumi home while Natsuko stays behind. A man who identifies himself as John Lennon suddenly calls Takasugi on his mobile phone. He says Takumi has been kidnapped and orders Takasugi to be the kidnapper! What is the person’s true motive?

[More info @ jdramas (wordpress)]

One of the underrated drama of 2016 (Winter), seems like jpsubbers don't have this up so here's my copy I extracted from the transport stream, feel free to use it however you like. These subs have been adjusted to accommodate raws without commercials. Just a little tweaking might be needed depending on what raw you use.

悪党たちは千里を走る EP01.srt
(26.93 KiB) Downloaded 183 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP02.srt
(25.92 KiB) Downloaded 126 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP03.srt
(28.55 KiB) Downloaded 120 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP04.srt
(30.75 KiB) Downloaded 128 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP05.srt
(21.35 KiB) Downloaded 128 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP06.srt
(19.43 KiB) Downloaded 119 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP07.srt
(21.22 KiB) Downloaded 130 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP08.srt
(18.74 KiB) Downloaded 117 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP09.srt
(18.34 KiB) Downloaded 135 times
悪党たちは千里を走る EP10.srt
(20.54 KiB) Downloaded 126 times

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