Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

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Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby Psi » Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:55 pm

Odoru Daisousasen – Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special <1998>
(踊る大捜査線 – 秋の犯罪撲滅スペシャル)
[Odoru Daisousasen – Autumn Anti-Crime Campaign Special]

READ MEH!: This follows the 1998 Early Summer Special/Side Story! In case you missed it, subs can be found in the main series thread here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=9851#p1650663

Disclaimer: Once again, I offer my apologies for any inaccuracies in these subs. As with the summer special, the source wasn't the greatest to work with T_T. The Korean subs I had as backup also weren't quite as google-translate-friendly as the previous ones... orz.

Having said that, I am somewhat confident in the overall accuracy; it's just that more nuance may have been lost than I'd be happy with. If you open up the script with Aegisub, you'll see "commented" lines which highlight areas which could likely be improved upon.

Recommended raws: The ones that used to be hosted here =P. I use the word "recommended" quite loosely too! These simply happen to be the only ones I could find. If anyone has better raws, please upload them! ;-D

The following fonts were used:
    Epson Kyouka & Gyousho; dearJoe 5 Casual [trial]; Cambria
If you’re missing any of them or aren’t sure, please download this font pack and install them.

Special thanks to:
    ap – for the raws
    "Aikawa Yui & New Cathy"? – for the KR softsubs

Boring message from me
Woot! The core specials have all been subbed at long last~
And of course, the old crew are back again after being in the background in the Summer Special \o/.
I also reckon that this special has the best variation of the ending sequence, but maybe that's just me, hehe...

If you come across any issues, do let me know, and I will try to resolve them. I welcome feedback, positive and negative. ^^

And now, here come the TL notes!
You don’t really need them to understand the subs as I tried to keep the script as smooth flowing as possible, but if you want more authenticity or just don’t like my TL, you can change the script yourself after reading the notes =P

Police Organization and Hierarchy
First, some pretty pics regarding ranks etc: Table of Ranks(now updated and bigger than before! xD); Rank Insignia; MPD Organization; NPA Organization

Part 1
Aoshima actually says "Kisou", short for "Kidousousatai" (Mobile Investigation Squad). As the name suggests, these are mobile squads of investigators attached to the Detective Department of the MPD (or another regional HQ) which are responsible for carrying out the initial investigation at the scene of any major crime. To simplify things, they were simply referred to as "HQ".
In Japan, the refreshing cool of autumn after an oppressively hot, humid summer means that this season is considered the time of year to be active and pursue all manner of activities, ranging from sports to cultural events; "Artistic Autumn" being an example of the cultural side of this season.
Sake flasks (tokkuri) are typically small affairs holding ~360ml.
In Japan, you get "career", "semi-career", and "non-career" policemen (A similar system exists in all government ministries).

Career policemen are those who have passed the "Grade 1 National Civil Service Exam". They are employed by the NPA and generally begin with the relatively high rank of "assistant inspector" (keibuho). They attain subsequent promotions the most quickly and easily, and have the potential to climb to the very top of the police hierarchy. They are essentially bureaucrats and "government officials" who belong to the national civil service.

Semi-career policemen are those who have passed the less difficult "Grade 2 National Civil Service Exam". They are employed by the NPA and typically begin with the middling rank of "sergeant" (junsabuchou). Like the "careers", they attain subsequent promotions somewhat easily, though at a much slower rate. However, they do not progress as far up the hierarchy as the "careers" and can expect to never reach a rank higher than "Chief Superintendent" (keishi-chou), thus barring them from the top administrative positions. They are also usually "government officials" who are part of the national civil service.

Non-career policemen simply take a standard "Police Employment Exam". They are directly employed by a police force (eg. MPD for Tokyo) and begin with the lowest rank, "police officer" (junsa). They have the poorest chances of advancing high up the hierarchy. Most can hope to advance to "Superintendant" (keishi), and a few may even get to "Senior Superintendent" (keishisei). A very, very rare few may become a "Chief Superintendent", but further advancement is practically impossible (aside from a "promotion upon retirement"). They are generally only considered to be a "local government employee", and not part of the "civil service".

To simplify things, I've simply chosen to refer to those on the career bureaucrat/NPA track as "elites". A large number of high level positions would naturally reside at MPD HQ, rather than random jurisdictional stations.
(I'm also lead to believe that frequent personnel transfers to and from HQ at mid/low ranks mean that things in real life aren't quite as confrontational as in dramas, but I honestly couldn't say for sure in this respect haha...)

Incidentally, some members of the Communications Bureau, like the Bureau Chief and technicians, have no rank.
What he actually says here was "Like when you offer him katsudon when he's cornered?", the cliched detective drama turning point when the criminal breaks down and confesses. (Katsudon, of course, is an eggy, crispy, breaded pork cutlet over a bowl of rice)
Rather than signatures, "seals" are used in Japan. They are produced with a (seal) stamp, and some versions can be quite elaborate and all, whether it's the stamp itself, or the head where the seal is carved (Similar to when people do signatures with fancy fountain pens etc).

Part 2
"Gal & Do" (gyarandu/gal and do/gal un do) appears to have been the name of a 1983 single by Saijou Hideki. Things are a little murky beyond this. It has officially been stated that it's simply a bunch of pleasant sounding, English-like nonsense words coined by songwriter Monta Yoshinori. However, it has also been suggested that Monta Yoshinori imagined it as a girl's name when writing the song, and before the single's release, it had been stated that the name was "Gal Undo", meaning "a woman with more substance than a 'gal' (gyaru); someone with the dynamic charm of a mature woman". Supposedly, when Saijou Hideki was seen in swimwear around that time, he had a conspicuous trail of abdominal hair, and somehow, "gyarandu" has come to refer to one's "happy trail".
Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special CD1.ass
Part 1
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Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special CD2.ass
Part 2
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Re: Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby GGib » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:14 pm

Awesome, thanks! :wub:

Sadly, this is the first time I discover this, so could someone who has the specials please seed them?

Odoru Daisousasen ~ Nenmatsu tokubetsu keikai Special (1997-Dec-30)
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Odoru Daisousasen ~ Wangansho fukei monogatari shoka no kotsuanzen Special (1998-Jun-19)
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Odoru Daisousasen ~ Aki no hanzai bokumetsu Special (1998-Oct-6)
Part 1
Part 2

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Re: Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby Saltine » Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:06 am

New year special surprise!!
Thank you very much. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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Re: Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby VampireXxX » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:28 am

uso....finally :cheers:

thank you for the sub :thumright:

otsukaresama :salut:

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Re: Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby jpfn » Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:08 pm

Awesome! Thank you for subbing the special!

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Re: Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby ZemusDS » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:06 pm

Wow. Thanks for subbing all these specials. Amazing to see them subbed!

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Re: Odoru Daisousasen Aki no Hanzai Bokumetsu Special [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby Avallac'h » Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:50 pm

Thank you very much for subbing this SP!
Looking for volunteers, who want to transcribe subtitles for some old dramas. (Yonigeya Honpo, Sweet Home and others)
More details here.
My uploads.
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