After 30 Seconds - Life Stories [DoReMii] [EngSubs]

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After 30 Seconds - Life Stories [DoReMii] [EngSubs]

Postby Resie » Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:43 am


Welcome to DoReMii's release of After 30 Seconds from the Life Story Collection!


Ah Ding was originally working in a fish produce company as a book keeper. He was retrenched when his company was downsizing. With the support of his wife, they both operated a noodles stall but the income barely could make ends meet. His wife passed away in a car accident two years ago. The death of his wife was a blow to him and since then, his will power spiraled downhill for a long time. He was unable to continue to operate the noodles stall left behind by his wife. In order to support the family with his two kids and mom, he worked as a temporary worker and found whatever job he could to earn that meager wages to survive. The entire family had to sacrifice and forgo many things due to the meager income.

One day, by chance, he came across a janitor position advertised by Guang Ming Primary School. The prerequisites of the position were low – as long as one had a driving license and knew how to operate a lawn mower. Whoever got the janitor position, not only one would have a secured job but also entitled to public holidays and pension. Ah Ding was very tempted to apply. His mom also encouraged him not to miss the opportunity. His son was objecting to him from applying the position but without giving any reason. Ah Ding knew his son must be worrying about the peer pressure from his classmates if he were to get the job. He was deep in dilemma whether he should seize this opportunity to have a secured job or give up for the sake of his son.
-- translation: ^oo^oo^

Jing Ting XIA as Ah Ding
Ming Hua BAI as Grandma
Xui Xia CHEN as Principal Zhou
Meng Qiu TIE as Lao Jiao
Long Shu YOU as Fu-ge
Yi Zhe JIAN as Supervisor Jiang
Li Ling LIAO as Nurse Liu

Translation: ^oo^oo^
Spot Translation: rebia_watkins
Timing: Resie
QC/Encoding: Resie


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Cheers! :cheers:

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Postby aniki101 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:37 am

Happy Birthday DoReMii !!!!! :party:

:heart: Thank You for Bringing Joy to Our Lives :heart:

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