Amour et Patisserie Ep04 [DoReMii] [EngSubs]

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Amour et Patisserie Ep04 [DoReMii] [EngSubs]

Postby Resie » Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:01 am


Welcome to DoReMii's release of Amour et Patisserie Episode 04!

:: Softsubs can be found here ::

There is a small pâtisserie in an alley that has no name, no menu, and a temperamental pastry chef who only makes 3 types of desserts a day. When a backpacker stumbled into the little shop and insisted on staying to be her assistant, the atmosphere inside the shop changes for the better. He act as a bridge between her and the customers, using her desserts to heal the customers' broken hearts. But who can heal the chef's broken heart when her ex-boyfriend came knocking?

Sandrine Pinna as Chen Tian Tian 陳甜甜
Liu Yi Hao as Allen
Xiu Jie Kai as Shang Yu Wen 尚宇文
Huang Di Jun (黃荻鈞) as Chen Tian Xin 陳甜心
Zhang Shao Huai (張少懷) as Cai Xiang Min 蔡湘民
Stephanie Chang as A Lou 阿露
Ma Hui Zhen (馬惠珍) as Chen's mother 甜媽
Meggie Yu as Chen Tian Mi 陳甜蜜
Luo Mao Quan (羅茂銓) as Xiao Jie 小杰
Jiang Wei Wen (蔣偉文) as Qin Ye 秦野
Ma Li Ou (馬力歐) as Debt collector
Sakamoto Chun Wha (宗華) as A Mao 阿貓
Kawase Miwako (川瀨未和子) as A Gou 阿狗
Shi Wen Bin (施文彬) as Liao Da Qiang
Huang Pei Jia (黃姵嘉) as Liao's daughter
Hao Shao Wen (郝劭文) as Mr. Shou Zhi 手指先生
Yan Yi Wen (嚴藝文) as Shou Zhi's mother
Lin Ke Tong (林可彤) as Xiao Yang
Fan Guang Yao as Bai Lao Hui 百老匯
Wu Si Wei (吳思緯) as Ying Ying 英英
Jing Li (景利) as Mei Dai Zi 美代子
Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) as LIn Jia Yi 林佳怡
Janel Tsai as Jin Ni 金妮
Zhang Fu Jian as Landlord

Translation: ^oo^oo^
Spot Translation: tkanimelover
Timing: PurpleDi, Resie
QC/Encoding: Resie


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Cheers! :cheers:

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