Mr Fighting [Eng Subs] Ep 20-30

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Mr Fighting [Eng Subs] Ep 20-30

Postby WuCang » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:18 am


I posted a link where you can watch them online some time ago but it didn't seem to garner much attention, so here ya' go.

As the first 25 minutes have previously been translated by Shinzuki, the subtitles start after 25:00. The reason for this is the version shown at most Chinese sites and the one shown at most English sites are edited differently. The one Shinzuki subbed was 20 episodes, this one is 30 episodes.

If someone wants to re-time the subs to the 20 episode version shown on all the English sites, feel free, though be sure to announce it first so someone else doesn't waste their time.

Or you can watch it here, though note there was a drop in quality when I converted the video:
Mr Fighting ep 20-30
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