Spring Love Ep 05 2013-03-03

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Spring Love Ep 05 2013-03-03

Postby Ethlenn » Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:50 pm

Title: 美人龍湯 / Mei Ren Long Tang
Also known as: Spring Onsen
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: FTV
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-27 - 2013-05-05
Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30
Opening theme song: Hao Xiang Bian Ping Guo (好想變蘋果) by Popu Lady
Ending theme song: Bei Wang Lu (被忘錄) by Aaron Yan

After his mother's death, Long Tai returned to Taiwan in search for his long lost father and twin brother. When people mistook him for his brother, who had left the country, he perpetuated the mistake. The change did not go unnoticed by his brother's foe, Zhao Ren Hu, who had planned on defeating Long Tian He in a festival competition and taking over Long's hot spring. As per agreement, the defeated Zhao sent his sister to Long's house to work as an indenture servant for a year. Although he secretly ordered his sister to spy on Long, the sister had other things in mind.


Mike He as Long Tai 龍太 / Long Tian He 龍天賀
Lin Ying Zhen (林盈臻/大元) as Zhao Ren Mei 趙人美
Le Le (樂樂) as Childhood Ren Mei
Nylon Chen as Zhao Ren Hu 趙人虎
Su Pin Jie (蘇品杰) as Childhood Ren Hu
Sato Mai (佐藤麻衣) as Kitano Atsuko 北野溫子

Long Hot Spring
Lei Hong (雷洪) as Long Shou Cheng 龍守成
Wang Zhong Ping (王中平) as Lao Tu 老涂
Yan Yi Wen (嚴藝文) as A Pan 阿潘

Mei Ren Hot Spring
Li Xuan (李璇) as Zeng Mei Ren 曾美人
Ye Hui Zhi (葉蕙芝) as A Xie 阿謝
Wang Zi Qiang (王志強) as Lao Zhang 老張

Fang Wen Lin (方文琳) as Michiko 美智子
Luo Bei An as Kitano Kenji 北野健二
Song Xin Ni as A Xiang 小香
Ah Ben as A Lun 阿倫
Zhang Hao Ming as A Xiang 阿翔
Jin Shi Jye (金士傑) as Dr. Jin
Zhu Lu Hao (朱陸豪) as Yan Ming 嚴明
Li Zhi Qin (李之勤) as Kate
Li Guo Chao (李國超) as Village leader
(dramawiki and chinese wikipedia)
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Postby Anya2186 » Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:56 pm

thank you
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Postby Naminka » Sun May 05, 2013 7:34 am

Thanks for uploading! 8)

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