Big Red Riding Hood Ep01 540p

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Big Red Riding Hood Ep01 540p

Postby Resie » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:10 am


Episode 01 in 540p

I can not guarantee that all episodes will be available in high quality.
I've uploaded 540p since the file size is smaller and easier to handle.
Like most twdramas the episode is over an hour long, so if you want 720p, be mindful they could be quite large.

+ Title: 大紅帽與小野狼 / Da Hong Mao Yu Xiao Ye Lang / Big Red Riding Hood
+ Genre: Romance, Comedy
+ Episodes: ??
+ Broadcast network: TTV

A woman with strong sense of justice meets a man with questionable moral compass. Will the big red riding hood fall into the man's trap? Or, will their meeting be the beginning of the little bad wolf's life of misery?

Cheryl Yang as Wu Zhang Mei
Peng Man Lin as Childhood Wu Zhang Mei
Yao Yuan Hao as An De Feng
Su Pin Jie as Childhood An De Feng
Tender Huang as Lei Yu Luo / Lei Yu Xuan
Li Chen Xiang as Bryant
Adriene Lin as Lin Ya Ting
Wang Meng Lin as Zhang Bo Min
Ding Qiang as An Tu Sheng
Zhu De Gang as Liu Yi Zong
Li Yi Jin as Tang Yong Xin
Akio Chen as Abula
Huang Tai An as Manager Dai
Chen You Fang as Zhen Ni
Chen Yan Zhuang as Bai Ma
Zeng Wei Hao as Ma Li Ha
Haung Ya Min as An Jie
Su Yi Jing as Qu Yu Fen
Lang Zu Yun as Wang Dao Nan
Tom Price
Zhang Li Lei as Miss Beauty


Please help seed when finished.
Please seed/share as you download so the torrent finishes quickly too.

Don't ask me for english subtitles.


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If you guys want more twdramas in general, doesn't matter the quality remember to comment in the drama torrent threads! You guys want this stuff you have to let us know just by leaving a quick comment. No comments = no twdramas. A few of us have gotten together to upload twdramas but we'll only do it if you guys are vocal about it. Don't just download them and leave it at that.

If any of the torrents I upload become seedless please go to the Seeding & Upload Requests forum. Don't post in the comments or in the shoutbox asking for seeds.

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Postby pao113 » Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:04 pm

is someone going to provide english sub for this series

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Postby Keiko1981 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:20 pm

pao113 wrote:is someone going to provide english sub for this series

Subtitles here and for other Taiwanese and Chinese dramas.

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Postby haoyochan » Fri May 03, 2013 7:23 am

please seed = ="

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