Unbeatable Ep03 [DoReMii] [Eng Sub] 540p

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Unbeatable Ep03 [DoReMii] [Eng Sub] 540p

Postby Resie » Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:50 am


Welcome to DoReMii's release of Unbeatable The Great Beauties, Episode 03 540p

Unbeatable Project Page

If you are having trouble getting the torrent we have a mirror link on our blog

Unbeatable follows the corporate and romantic adventures of college graduate Cherry Lu (Zhao Ke), who is mysteriously invited to attend a job interview at the biggest PR firm in the world, Logan. There is a special tradition within the company's creative department in that it is staffed by beautiful women only, men aren't allowed. Cherry comes for the interview only to be blocked in the elevator by an obnoxious janitor named Zhuo Yuan (Peter Ho). After much trouble, Cherry eventually manages to arrive for the interview. However, after meeting the creative division head, Juliet (Yumiko Cheng), Cherry is told the HR department never invited her to come for the interview in the first place...


Peter Ho as Zhuo Yuan (Yuan)
Zhao Ke as Lu Xiao Xiao (Cherry)
Dong Xuan as Ma Jia Li (Kelly)
Tian Liang as Shi Jian (Kevin)
Qi Wei as You Xiao Rou (Sharon)
Yumiko Cheng as Zhu Li Ye (Juliet)
Ye Xiang Ming as Huang Kai
Andrew Lien as Lin Mu Feng
Kan Qing Zi as Ran Ran (Rae)
An Ya Ping as An Ruo Hui (Vivian)
Nabil Huening as Frank
Hu Bing as Mr. He
Tong Li Ya as Sabrina

Translation: bits
Spot Translation: Juliette21Taec
Timing: PurpleDi
QC & Encoding: Resie



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4. Please seed when finished!

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Cheers! :cheers:

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