Heroes of Sui and Tang Eps 1-13 540p

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Heroes of Sui and Tang Eps 1-13 540p

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This only has simplified subtitles. NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Episodes 1-13 540p

+ Title: 隋唐英雄 / Sui Tang Ying Xiong / Heroes of Sui and Tang
+ Genre: Romanticized historical drama, action
+ Episodes: 60
+ Broadcast network: Hunan TV
+ Broadcast period: 2012
+ Air time: 19:30
+ Related TV series: Sui Tang Ying Xiong Zhuan, Sui Tang Yan Yi

Heroes emerged in large numbers during the tumultuous and short-lived Sui to early Tang dynasty period. Most famous among them are Qin Qiong, Luo Cheng, Cheng Yao Jin, Shan Xiong Xin and Wei Chi Gong, known as the "Five Tigers of Sui and Tang", who would help Li Shi Min defeat rebels and rivals and pacify the land. The drama will start with the establishment of the Sui dynasty and end with Li Shi Min's ascension to the throne.

Cast is humongous so check under the spoiler~

Tang Faction
The Five Tigers
Purba Rgyal as Qin Qiong
Dicky Cheung as Cheng Yao Jin
Zhang Rui as Luo Cheng
Zhao Shuai as Wei Chi Gong
Li Bing Lei as Shan Xiong Xin

Wu Lan Xin Zi as Zhang Zi Yan (Qin Qiong's wife)
Liu Zi Jiao as Hua Da Jiao (Cheng Yao Jin's wife)
Yang Yang as Pei Cui Cui (Cheng Yao Jin's wife, Pei Yuan Qing's older sister)
Tu Li Man as Xin Yue E (Luo Cheng's wife)
Ma Jian Qi as Madam Black (Wei Chi Gong's wife)
Ma Jian Qin as Madam White (Wei Chi Gong's wife)

Li Family
Yu Shao Qun as Li Shi Min
Du Zhi Guo as Li Yuan
Kara Hui as Duchess Dou (Li Yuan's wife)
Qiao Zhen Yu as Li Jian Cheng
Shi Ting Ao as Li Yuan Ji
Li Yong Lin as Li Yuan Ba
Liang Jing Jing as Zhangsun Wu You
Jiang Lin Jing as Chang Yi Yun (Li Jian Cheng's Consort)
Alex Fong as Li Lao (son of Li Shi Min and Princess Ru Yi)

Other Supporters
Chen Ji Ming as Wei Zheng
Alyssa Chia as Jia Lin Yun (Wei Zheng's wife)
Fu Yi Ming (符毅铭) as Liu Wen Jing
Meng Shao Zhong (孟召重) as Zhangsun Wu Ji
Zhao Jian Zhong (赵建中) as Pei Ji
Chen Chang Kuang (陈昌旷) as Wang Bo Dang ("Divine Archer")
Ye Zu Xin as Pei Yuan Qing ("Silver Hammer-wielding Young General")
Jin Zhao as Xiong Kuo Hai ("Purple-faced God")
Chen Jian Fei (陈建飞) as Wu Yun Zhao (Marquis of Nan Yang)
Zhu Zhen Ying as Wu Tian Xi (Master of Tuo Luo)
Chen Liang Ping as Xu Mao Gong
Li Fan (李繁) as You Jun Da (Cheng Yao Jin's partner, "The Iron-masked Magistrate")
Lou Yan Ru (娄彦儒) as Wei Wen Tong ("Flower Blade General")
Chen Tao (陈涛) as Qi Guo Yuan
Ming Ming (明明) as Luo Cheng's girlfriend
Tong Yang (童扬) as Luo Chun (Luo Cheng's older half brother)
Xia Ji (夏季) as Xie Ying Deng
Chen Yue (陈月) as Yuchi Nan
Zhai Ji Jun (翟继军) as Jin Jia (friend of Qin Qiong and Shan Xiong Xin)
Jin Yi Ran as Tong Huan (friend of Qin Qiong and Shan Xiong Xin)
Qiang Zi (强子) as Fan Hu (friend of Qin Qiong)
Zhao Lei (赵磊) as Li Yuan Ba's personal servant
Hong Fan (洪帆) as Luo family servant
Chen Xiao Xue (陈晓雪) as Qin Yu Er

Sui Faction
Yang Family
Winston Chao as Yang Guang
Liu Xiao Qing as Empress Xiao
Sun Yao Qi as Princess Ru Yi (Yang Guang's daughter)
Kou Shi Xun as Yang Jian
Joan Chen as Empress Dugu
Tino Bao as Yang Yong
Zhang Bo Jun as Yang Lin (Yang Jian's younger brother)
Leni Lan as Chen Hui Er
Guo Hui (郭辉) as Yang Liang
Wu Di (吴迪) as Yang Xiu
Yang Bo Xiong (杨博雄) as Yang You

Ministers and Related
Wei Zong Wan as Yuwen Hua Ji
Zhang Xiao Chen as Yuwen Cheng Du (Yuwen Hua Ji's son)
Zhang Guo Liang (张国亮) as Yuwen Guang
Wu You Xi (吴有熙) as Zhang Heng (Yang Guang's advisor)
Ding Chong as Ji Wei (Sui court minister)
Yue Jun Ling (岳俊岭) as Su Wei (Sui court minister)
Pan Hai Chen (潘海臣) as Yang Yi Chen

Chen Dynasty

Lei Lei as Chen Hou Zhu
Jang Seo Hee as Zhang Li Hua
Xu Wei Lu as Hong Er (palace maid)

Rebel Kings and Related
Yang Hong Wu (杨洪武) as Li Mi
Lv Yi (吕毅) as Dou Jian De
Wang Jian Xin as Meng Hai Gong
Qin Fan Xiang as Zhu Can
Wu Xiao Na (吴潇娜) as Lan Hua (Zhu Can's wife)
Shen Yue Lan (申月兰) as Zhu Can's mother
Liu Yue (刘月) as Du Fu Wei
Liu Ming Yu (刘明玉) as Gao Tan Sheng
Wang Ming De (王明德) as Wang Shi Chong
Yan Yi Min as Zhang Lun (Liu Wu Zhou's minister)
Jin Zhi Yuan (金智元) as Wang Huai Yu

Other Characters
Shan Wei (单薇) as Hong Fu Nu
Zhao Qiu Sheng as Shi Da Nai (government official)
Wang Zheng Ping (王正平) as Governor Cai (overseer of Qin Qiong's case)
Han Yan Da (韩炎达) as aid to Governor Cai
Li Shen Kui (李申奎) as Dr. Song (court physician)
Xu Lei (徐磊) as Zhang San (shopkeeper)
Li Bo (李波) as horse keeper
Zhang Li Gang (张立刚) as waiter #1
Sun Wen (孙文) as waiter #2
Qu Wen (瞿雯) as midwife
Kang Xiao Wei (康小伟) as Shen Suan Zi ("Divine Calculator")[/spoiler]



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I probably won't be uploading the 720p until the series has finished airing. It'll be easier then for me to get the files.

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Never get tired watching historical dramas, thanks for sharing. :-) :-) :-)

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