Skip-Beat! ep03

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Skip-Beat! ep03

Postby zdzdz » Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:21 am


Title: 華麗的挑戰 / Hua Li De Tiao Zhan
English title: Skip-Beat!
Also known as: Extravagant Challenge
Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast network: FTV, GTV
Broadcast period: 18-Dec-2011 / 24-Dec-2011
Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30

The main theme song for ‘Skip Beat’ is reportedly titled “S.O.L.O.“, and is said to have been sung by Super Junior-M.


Manga Synopsis - Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a successful singer. One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Sho to get back at him. Kyoko therein meets Ren, another actor in her agency, who helps motivate her to become a top entertainer.


Ivy Chen
Choi Si Won (Super Junior)
Lee Dong Hae (Super Junior)
Bianca Bai


Original writing (manga): Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki
Producer: Niu Cheng Ze
Director: Jerry Feng 馮家瑞


    The press conference took place on 2008-Nov-17 in Tokyo, Japan featuring Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin as the leads.
    On 2009-Jan-08, after management changes with the Japanese producers and problems with the script, Taiwanese producers were forced to postpone this drama indefinitely.
    In Summer 2010, the male leads are Siwon and Donghae from Korean boy-band Super Junior.

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Postby MEOWMIEMEOW » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:37 am

Arigatou gozaimasu for the new episode!!!!!!!!!!! (^-^)

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thanks a lot ..

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