Be nice and polite and maybe you'll get what you want.
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Postby BaekSoo » Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:56 pm

I'm finding that the majority of people are asking for seeds with just giving the title name, maybe the episode number but nothing else. The majority of torrents have more than one

Please be very specific when asking for seeding of old or dead torrents.

The steps needed for somebody who's willing to seed for you is as follows.

1. Download the torrent. (Few people keep the old torrent(s) on their Hard drive)
2. Find the video(s) from their archive. (Most likely on a Backup DVD)
3. Copy the file(s) to their Hard drve.
4. Rename the file(s) back to the original filename. (Some people will rename the video files to English instead of leaving it in Korean or Japanese) Example of renaming the video files.
5. Load the torrent to the client and do a force recheck to recognize that the file(s) are 100%
6. Start seeding.

The first step is very very important. If you don't give the exact location of the torrent you want seeded then you will NOT be successful for anybody that's willing to seed for you.

Here's an example of what EXACT location means:

Yes. By giving the exact location of the torrent, people will know what torrent to download and maybe kind enough to seed for you.

Important: Before starting a new thread asking for seeds, please check the index for existing threads. The reason is simple: People who have asked and received the seeds may sometimes seed for you as a way to payback for what they have received.

Note: It's always easier to seed a batch. (if it exists) Asking for seeds of single episodes when a batch is present may not be wise. If you need one or just a few episodes from the batch but don't know how, please follow this tutorial:

Tutorial on how to download individual files from a batch torrent.

Be nice and polite and maybe you'll get what you want.

IMPORTANT: If you do get seeded, it's customary to seed back what you have taken and then some. DON'T HIT AND RUN. Don't stop seeding (After getting what you want) and then expect the one who seeded for you to continue to seed for others. That's not the way to payback the kindness of others.

On the flip side: If you want to reseed for others, the same applies. Be specific on what version you want to seed. Just saying the name and episode without giving details is no use to anybody. By giving the EXACT torrent location then there will be no confusion at all. Of course people would be grateful to you as well.

The same goes for any upload requests.

Uploaders will require information to be able to help you. Giving a title is important but more information is equally important.

1. Official Website.
2. DramaWiki, Asianwiki, IMDB....etc (If available)

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Postby Keiko1981 » Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:00 pm

Index of all Seed & Upload Requests ... uests.html

Please follow the rules below.

Before creating a new seed request, please look at the Index of Seed & Upload Requests. (I suggest you bookmark this page for future use.)

When creating a new seed request thread.
Name it the following way.

Good example
[Seed Req] City Hunter

Bad example
[Seed] CIty Hunter ep1-3 and ep7-14 720p

If you know a drama has several seasons, name it.
[Seed Req] Aibou (all seasons)

In your post, not the topic of the thread, you specify which episode(s) / version(s) you want seeded.
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