Korean Anime Movie "T-pang Rescue"

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Korean Anime Movie "T-pang Rescue"

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Directed by Bang Hyeong-woo, T-pang Rescue the Anime Korean Movie release date in South Korea on 2014/08/07.

T-pang Rescue the about adventurous story of T-Pang, the best rescue in town.
T-pang is the best save in Hurleyburley Town. Headed by Titi, T-Pang Rescue has extraordinary parts Pangpang who converts into bulldozer even into helicopter in threat. Toktok, the brain of the group. Sheepon , the main young lady, however the most courageous of all, and Kiri, the tallest! One day a huge spaceship arrives in Hurleyburley, and transforms into the entrancing carnival. While everyone revels in energizing rides, a father bear asks T-throb for help to discover his child lost in the recreation center. Abnormal enough, watches in the recreation center don’t let them to discover the infant. With bunches of questions, now T-Pang is moving to spare the infant.
Resource: http://filmkorean.com/2014/08/01/anime-movie-t-pang-rescue-2013

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Re: Korean Anime Movie "T-pang Rescue"

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