Any good Taiwanese drama?

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Any good Taiwanese drama?

Postby Pyaaat » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:35 am

Can any suggest a good serious romance Taiwanese drama for me?

I've watched a lot and I can't seem to find any dramas that fall under this. They always have something that just makes me grind my teeth.

I've seen:-

Autumn's Concerto
Great. Loved it at first. But then it just became horrible after [spoiler]Ren Guang Xi's surgery and he goes to help the villagers for his 240 compensation[/spoiler] Disliked, because it seemed to go for a more comedic route [spoiler]when that guy who plants black jacks attempts suicide. seriously. wtf?[/spoiler] Also, didn't really like the Taiwanese dialect, very hard to get used to.

Lavender Awesome. Liked it a lot. But then I just couldn't tolerate the random English sentences that they kept throwing in. I don't mind if there's an English word here and there, but this drama seems to force a full English sentence into wherever they please and it really ruins the mood.

Summer's Desire Currently watching. Liking it a lot. Though I'm not too far in, so my opinion has yet to be set in stone.

Meteor Garden Seen. Liked. Not loved, but definitely liked. Only season 1 though. I stayed away from season 2. Probably the only drama where I liked a little bit of comedy in it. Comedy done well.

MARS Currently watching. My view on it is currently a lot like Summer's Desire. Not too far in yet.

Non-Taiwanese drama which I loved and hope to find something similar:

Cinderella Man Hands down awesome. English words used sparingly and it doesn't force itself to be funny (unlike Autumn's Concerto; see spoiler).

Looking for a good melodrama.

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