TIPS for new fansubbers

For questions on the technical aspects about how to fansub. Come on, share those pearls of wisdom!
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TIPS for new fansubbers

Postby Puppet Princess » Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:08 am

Recently there has been increases in new fansub teams, however this increase seems to have come from people who don't really know what they are doing. That's not their fault, they just haven't learned anything yet. But I know I'm not the only older fansubber who slams my head into my desk when I see the newbies do something stupid because they just don't know better. So to find a balance between not wanting a bigger dent in my desk and not wanting to personally teach every new fansubber... I make this thread.

Fansub wiki
The fansub wiki is not your blog.
Updating your progress is fine but if you feel the need to update your progress every 5%... you need to get yourself a blog. Editing your wiki page 50 times a day is a bad thing because most fansubbers will use the recent changes page to see what's new and any changes or announcements other teams have made. By editing every few percent of progress you flood the recent changes pages and push off other important information. You can easily get a free blog that you can edit as often as you like without impacting everyone else.

On the same note... Preview your changes.
When new teams make or edit their page it seems to take them 10-20 saves. This is why you can preview how the changes will look before actually saving them and recording the page edit (again flooding the recent changes page). Of course I get that sometimes you forgot something and actually need to go back and fix it. But 95% of the time I don't find this to be the case.

If you upload a torrent... Seed it.
You should be able to seed torrents right when you upload them. If you don't know how torrents work and that you have to seed them... you should probably hold off uploading torrents until you have learned about them.

That's all that's bugging me right now... if anyone else has noticed any bad habits or have a suggestion on something feel free to add some tips.[/b]

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Postby groink » Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:07 am

Most of these abusers just don't understand that there are different methods of publishing on the Internet. They think that everything is either a blog or IM. One suggestion might be, as PP pointed out, is for the group to create a blog of its own. Or, maybe use the latest technology like RSS or Twitter and alert subscribers of updates. The fansub wiki should be used to track projects, and NOT the progress of an episode within a project. Maybe have just one account for the fansubbing group, and allow only that account to edit the group's wiki page (vs every member having his own account.)

I'm glad timelessubs decided to create a master account for all of its uploads. I recommend all fansubbing groups to do this. The only people who should be uploading using his own account are ronins like myself.

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