Subs font size and another question

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Subs font size and another question

Postby Raoh » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:27 am

Hi there.

I'm trying to fansub some old Japanese movies using Aegisub.
The process is going smoothly, and after finishing the very first movie and hard subbing it, it plays perfect on PC and Tablet PC, but when I test it on my 60'' TV screen, the subs look a bit too small. And I'm not sure if size 20 or 22 would be too big for smaller screens.

I have been using Trebuchet MS at 18ppt, which for a 17'' PC screen and 7'' TabletPC screen are ok.
Then, I tested other sizes like 20 and 22, but I'm not sure if those sizes would be a bit too big for smaller screens.
These are 3 random frames at 18, 20 and 22 sizes, respectively:




I need the subs to be hard subbed. I CANNOT provide the ssa. Also, the subbed movie will be released publicly, that is why I need to do it the best possible, otherwise, I won't mind all these things.
Is that font a good choice for subtitles? I read somewhere that it is a good font, among with arial and some others, but I would like more opinions about it.

In addition, I need the subs to be the less intrusive possible, so I would need the smallest possible size, that is still readable in both TV screens and PC/TabletPCs.

Now about the second question: subbing from English to Spanish old Japanese movies (old = 40+ years ago) is considered fansubbing? Also, is there any alternative to gooddrama (or smilar sites) which offer a good amount of JP drama WITHOUT hard subs, but with ssa and/or srt?

Thanks in advance.

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