Opinions on encoding in x264 using VirtualDub?

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Opinions on encoding in x264 using VirtualDub?

Postby aishizuki » Mon May 28, 2012 8:08 am

Hello! I'd like to ask about your opinions on encoding an avi file + .ass subs with x264 codecs, as opposed to VDub's default XViD codec. I want to be able to provide a better-quality output (with little to almost no loss of quality from the original raw) but with a slightly smaller filesize than that of the original. I've read on numerous posts that x264 encoding is the way to go, but I'm not sure if this is the case.

I am yet to try out this manner of encoding, but does it work well with you guys? For example, I have an original 200+ MB mp4 encoded to a 400+MB avi with virtually the same bitrates/settings as the original, then hardsubbed/encoded with subs on VDub using the XVid filter, which gave me a hardsubbed avi with a file size close to the original 400mb avi. Would it be possible to encode the original 400mb avi and add subs to it, and give it a lower file size with the x264 codec?

In short, would I be able to, say, produce a (example size) 300mb/250mb encoded hardsubbed avi with x264 encoding, but with almost the same video quality as the 400+MB avi that I normally come up with after encoding with XviD?

Please let me know if my inquiry is confusing. XD Thank you so much! I'm preparing to encode subs to a 900mb file, so I'm really trying to look for ways on how to reduce the file size without losing the great quality of the video. Thanks again!
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Postby y0ssy » Thu May 31, 2012 3:23 pm

From what I understand, file size (depending on the bit rate, frames per second, resolution setting) and the video quality are inter-dependent. That is to say, it is difficult to have a small file size with excellent video quality at the same time. Then again, it also depends on what sort of video clip content is being encoded, type of software being used, what this clip is intended for and being stored, etc. etc.

Read this http://teek.info/guides/video/x264encode.html

"The bitrate determines how big the final file will be and how much the quality will suffer; the larger the bitrate, typically the better the video will look. Likewise, as you lower the bitrate, the quality decreases." .

Doom9 and a few other technie kind of forums may be a better platform for discussion.

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