One Fansub Group = One Thread (PLEASE READ!) Updated!

For new fansub groups and old fansub groups looking for additional help.
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One Fansub Group = One Thread (PLEASE READ!) Updated!

Postby ironicwave » Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:02 pm

copying Habukie's sticky to recruit sub forum:

Lately, as more and more series are being subbed due to the increasing number of sub groups, the mods have noticed that there have also been more and more threads created asking for help. While the fansubbing forum exists to help subbers, there is really no need to create a new thread for every new series. Some fansub groups now have 5+ threads, all asking for help in various aspects. We've decided to simplify the forum. What it boils down to is that we're asking each fansub group to have one thread only. The first post as well as the thread title can be edited as needed to reflect recruitment or other help wanted.

There are two options:
1. All the threads for a sub group can be merged together. (Please note this means that the thread that you end up with will have posts in chronological order, not necessarily ordered by the previous threads.)
2. All existing threads can be locked and a new thread started. That will now be the official thread for the sub group.

Please make a decision as to which option your group prefers and either post in this thread or PM me. Obviously, groups with only one thread will not be affected. Thanks for your cooperation!
Updated jan 10th, 2008: (changed the descriptions, what can i say, was a work in progress) :P

i'd also like to get a little order going in here, so i'll be editing topic titles to this format once everybody's down to one thread:
[Req] [Fansub Group] Topic Title
[Req] Topic Title in case it isn't a group...
and coming across subbing help offers in here i decided to just label those:
[Offer] Topic Title
any new threads made by new groups or individuals should please follow this format, thanks... :-)

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