And little help subbing changeman

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And little help subbing changeman

Postby Kingbladex » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:18 am

If anyone wants to help on changeman project espically “finisubbingsupersentai” (Founder) with the timing or others things because work are caliing him back.
Then you can check in the comments of the latest post for his email or just write a comment if you are interested and got a lot of free time:)

Scrubbing/fixing dead fish scripts for changeman.
Necessary= That you are able to see grammar errors and other things wrong with the scripts so having a big knowledge to the english langauge is necessary.

But you can also:
Translate the shows so it is much easier for people to the shows:

Denziman: Japanese-english/chinese-english
Google V: Japanese-english/Portguess-english
Dynaman: Japanese-english
Flashman: Japanese-english/portguess-english/spainish-english/korean-english
Turboranger: Japanese-english/portguess-english

Others things you can do:
Translate Check
Quality Check

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