Another Jiro Ono's Japanese reportage

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Another Jiro Ono's Japanese reportage

Postby sidh » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:43 am


First of all I would like to wish an Happy New Year to all of you.

Few months ago I discovered a reportage called ""Jiro dreams of Sushi' ( that literally upset my mind and my way of thinking.
This reportage on a Sushi Master called Jiro Ono is, according to me, a real lesson of life. A life path to become a "shokunin" (or try to be)
This reportage was in Japanese and subtitles in English , French, Spanish were available.

Yesterday I found on Youtube a 48 min reportage made on a Japanese TV channel in April 2014 that seems to talk about President Obama going to Jiro Ono's Sukibayashi with Japanese Prime Minister : , it seems very interesting but unfortunately there is no english subtitles available and trying to translate with google translate is such a pain.

Do you know if there are some group of Japanese to English translators which would be interesting in this TV reportage translation ?

In case it is not the right section to ask this kind of request , I am sorry for disturbing and please tell me where to ask .

Best Regards,

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