please help me find this movies

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please help me find this movies

Postby kingbingbong » Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:29 pm

i am trying to find out the tittle of a tv series that i watch when i was a kid with my mom.the movies was created around 1990's or early 2000's.

It was a tv series surrounding by 9 or 10 family member that adopted a young lady that was abandon, switch up, or lost. she was the empire daughter. the Adopted family made everybody believed that she was her kid. But unreality she wasn't. She later feel in love with one the king assistance. Because the one she loved was very stupid, he didn't know that he stilll have his dick. He was very stupid.
when they finaly found the family that had the princess, one of the member impose and trick the empire that she was the princess. after some time, they found out who was the real princess was. When that happen, she was sad that her loved one was the king assistence. lucky at the end they found out that he still has his balls and got married.

all in all it is about finding the the lost princess.

after that series they did made a follow up series that is completely new that is based off of that series. Instead of the empirical era. it is set to the future tech world era. i didnt watch the series, but it started off at a beach.

this tv series is not:
1. Princess Pearl
2. The Mischievous Princess

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