[Discussion] 500 Years of Joseon Dynasty (1983, MBC)

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[Discussion] 500 Years of Joseon Dynasty (1983, MBC)

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As a history student from Portugal with a huge interest in Oriental history, I enjoy, apart of documentaries and readings, to look for good period series and movies. If for movies I have a reasonable knowledge, for series only the Korean ones appear to have reached a huge status, and I discovered them first. Then, I proceeded for the other countries, even if I do a reasobnable research because I only like series with good historical accuracy. I read these ones are quite good - http://wiki.d-addicts.com/500_Years_of_Joseon_Dynasty - but I can't find them anywhere. I'd like to see a sample to know if they're worthy for download or buying.

Even if it's not the adequate forum, do you also know anything about Mongol movies or series, or something related to Mongol history, as it's my main area of research?

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