D-Addicts guide for newbies. How to download from here?

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D-Addicts guide for newbies. How to download from here?

Postby Ethlenn » Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:20 pm

This is thought as the guide for newbies as long as the current layout is maintained.

D-Addicts (usually referred to as D-A) has 2 (two) main sections – forum and torrents. First, we will discuss forum sections, then we will move to torrent one.
Few rules in the forum section:
1. No Spamming (and as spamming is also seen saying “thanks” in DISCUSSION topic so that some links can appear in people’s signatures. Such posts will be deleted)
2. No putting DDL (Direct Download Links) in Discussions subforums. You want to help some user? Point him to the general website with such links, not to the links themselves, or write him/her a pm (private message).
3. Some people have slow computers; please use spoiler tags to hide the pics, so they won’t slow down others’ systems.
4. ALWAYS read the rules inside the certain subfora.

The address of the forum is:

And below you have the picture of how it looks like:
Numbers that appear on the picture are explained below. Just in case – please read some words around by yourself. Usually words have some meaning, and staff here doesn’t have time and energy to explain the same thing for 156th time.

Explanation is done from top to bottom, according to numbers. If some section is too big, small letters are added to numbers (like: 5a, 5b, 5c… etc)

1. Navigation bar through the whole website.
HOME – place where you are when you start, the forum sections
DRAMAS – well, torrents section
WIKI – DramaWiki, an encyclopedia of Asian dramas
STATS – statistics for D-A. Kind of useless since D-A doesn’t have its own tracker
HELP (FAQ) – the section where your questions about technical aspects are explained (like, “what is torrent” and such)
SEARCH – well, search bar, either on D-A or Google
GROUPS – what kind of groups there are on D-A (voters, uploaders, users, etc)
PROFILE – YOUR own profile, where you can change your avatar, signature add/hide some info
NEW MESSAGE – internal mail system for D-A
LOGIN – you log in here

2. Left bar section with handful links. Before you start asking for hundredth time why this-and-this drama is not available here, check the link for Licensed Kdramas, and maybe you will get your answer.

3. Last 10 Active Posts – view that is refreshed every 5 minute. Shows latest posts on the forum, and latest uploads in torrents section as well.

4. Below Last 10 Active Posts part is 3-part section with sub-forums: D-Addicts, Discussions, and Technical.

Now we’re moving to subfora:
1. D-Addicts:
1a. D-Addicts Announcement – like the name suggests, announcement about D-A, like some problems, improvements etc.
1b. D-Addicts Stuff – read the description of it.
1c. Series of the Week/Month – lately revived section about volunteers who’d like to help others by creating lists and polls of dramas that can be seeded by volunteers.
1d. Subtitles – section with subtitles to dramas/shows in many languages. Subtitles HAVE to be attached to the thread started by subbing team/person. Otherwise, it will be removed. No links to hardsubbed versions as well.
1e. Fansubbing – with two subsections, where subbers can recruit help, ask about technical info, etc.

2. Discussions:
2a. General Discussion – about virtually all, but no spamming, and no advertising.
2b. Japanese Culture and Entertainment – general thread on Japanese Culture (click on the Japanese Culture and Entertainment) with 3 sub-sections: Dramas, Actors & Actresses, Japanese TV shows (like variety). Exclusively discussions topics, therefore please read the internal rules for each section.
2c. Korean Culture and Entertainment – general thread on Korean Culture (click on Korean Culture and Entertainment) with 4 sub-sections: Dramas, Actors and Actresses, Korean TV shows, Korean Drama on DVD. Exclusively discussions topics, therefore please read the internal rules for each section.
2d. Chinese Culture and Entertainment – general thread on Chinese Culture (click on Chinese Culture and Entertainment) with 3 sub-sections: Dramas, Actors and Actresses, Chinese TV Shows. Exclusively discussions topics, therefore please read the internal rules for each section.
2e. Other Asian Culture – you can talk here about other Asian dramas and actors/actresses, shows, also discuss Asian culture other than those 3 previous sections.
2f. International Community – threads for various communities around the globe (ie: Hungarian D-Addicts, German D-Addicts, etc.). You can express yourself in your mother tongue here.
2g. Life and Relationship – thread about almost everything. You can also put here cooking recipes if you want.
2h. Travel – ask about accommodations in a certain country, show your pics (under spoiler, please!) from some travel, ask about travelling etc.

3. Technical:
3a. Tech Support – first and foremost, if anything is wrong with your torrent, check your torrent beforehand. Second step – check this thread at least 2 pages back, because probably someone asked exactly the same thing as you want to repeat. If you found it, but thread is 2 years old, don’t worry, just ask your question inside this thread and the answer will arrive. Don’t start another topic with “Help! I can’t download”. Trust me, others asked this before you. Plus, the answer is right before your eyes usually.
3b. Tech Discussion – ask about media, tech and “all geeky stuff here” (as in the description).
3d. Torrents Comments – whatever you write in the uploaded file thread shows here.

more to come, be patient, we have lifes too... :roll

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Postby Ethlenn » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:04 pm

Second part:

HOW TO DOWNLOAD (a.k.a.: I'm a newbie and can't figure anything out)

On torrent page (part of the forum that shows links to all torrents uploaded) there is this list:
go here to check for yourself I'm not lying: http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/torrents.php

Meaning of some of those highly complicated and obscure areas:

1. Torrent name
This is the main part that all are interested in. As you can see there are 3 arrows down pointing to some tiny square. Arrow down signifies "DOWNload", and that square - your HDD. If you have any torrent program, just left click on one of those arrows, and your program will automatically start the torrent (that is downloading). If your program saves the torrent first, don't worry, save the torrent and then open it manually.

so many arrows, what to chose?
Answer: it does not matter. It's still the same torrent, hosted on 3 different hosting sites.

Question: what is this U-shaped thing?
Answer: your savior when no arrow works. Sometimes it happens that hosting site dies/is unavailable. During those dark times, click on this U-shaped red thingy (it's called magnet link), it works similar ro torrent, and your program will open it as well.

Question: OMG!!! It's blank, that magnet s empty!!
Answer: Don't worry, the file will show up once your torrent program finds the file on the web (people that have it).

3. Messages - shows how many messages each upload has.

Now, you clicked on the file's name, it will lead you to the individual torrent thread. It looks like this when you are NOT logged in:
If you are logged in, the part marked as 1 is not visible.

See those 3 arrows and U-shaped magnet link?
They work the same as in previous step.

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