Nouhime II (SP) [Eng Subs] (Complete)

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Nouhime II (SP) [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Postby Heiwa Fansubs » Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:11 pm



Nouhime II

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Wordpress Page (in English)

Set between the years 1560 and 1573, this special follows the historical story of Nohime and her marriage to Oda Nobunaga. Having settled his primacy over the Oda clan and in full command of his province of Owari, Nobunaga faces his toughest opponent yet: Imagawa Yoshimoto, who commands an army 10 times his size. But with Nouhime at his side, his path to bringing Japan under single rule again won't be stopped so easily...

As we are using .ass files for these subtitles (due to the many on-screen titles and need for notes), we are also attaching a font pack for the fonts we used. For the best viewing experience, please use these fonts.

In addition to these softsubs, we are also providing a hardsub version as well. Please look for those in the Torrent section.

We here at Heiwa Fansubs hope you will enjoy this Spring 2013 special along with us!

Please enjoy this complete set of English language subtitles for Nouhime II!

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Nouhime II
Nouhime II Font Pack
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Nouhime 2 (848x480 x264).ass
Nouhime 2 (848x480 x264) [Eng Subs]
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(Drama SP) Nouhime II [1h47m17s 1280x720 X264-AAC].ass
Nouhime 2 (1280x720 x264) [Eng Subs]
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Postby furransu » Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:59 pm

thank you for the 2nd part Heiwa!

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yay nice morning. Thanks for subbing this SP2
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Thank you !

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Thank you very much!!!!!!

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thanks soooo much!!!

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Thank you so much for subbing this SP

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