[SP] Dr. Nurse Aid (848x480 x264).mp4

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[SP] Dr. Nurse Aid (848x480 x264).mp4

Postby VampireXxX » Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:36 am


Title: Dr.ナースエイド
Title (romaji): dr. nasueido
Genre: Medical
Format: Tanpatsu
Broadcast Network: NTV
Broadcast Period: 2014-Nov-07
Airtime: Friday 21:00
Theme song:

Kuraki Medical Centre is a local private hospital which gets more than 200 patients hospitalised for emergencies each year. 40-year-old Mori Takeru (Ozawa Yukiyoshi) works here. He has set his sights on being a top class doctor. He believes that he is reasonably hot. One day, the owner of the medical centre, Kuraki, collapses. He is no longer able to manage the hospital so his younger brother, Kuraki Hiromasa (Osugi Ren), assumes his position. Then, Mori is summoned by the new hospital director and hears words he never imagined. “Change the hospital. Create a nurse aide training course here. I will cultivate professional nurse aides.” Mori cannot believe his ears. A nurse aide is an odd job role. A job that even an ordinary person can do since it does not require qualifications. He protests, “If you talk of establishing a vocational school for nurses licensed by the national government as well as assistant nurses licensed by the local prefectural government, I can still understand that … …” That is when Kuraki orders him, “You should formally learn the work of a nursing aide too as a person at the top.” “I’m a doctor!” Mori reminds Kuraki. But Kuraki’s response is, “I will change the hospital.” The nurse aide training course is launched at the hospital. With no way to disobey Kuraki, Mori is forced to go for the training despite his reluctance. One of the medical centre’s nurses, Hayashi Kotomi (Kuriyama Chiaki), is ordered to be a full-time instructor for the course. She refuses, complaining that it will cause an inconvenience when the hospital is facing a shortage of nurses and the nurses are completely exhausted every day. However, Kuraki persuades her to look beyond the present to the future. She never thought that Mori would be mixed in … … There are 10 students for the first batch. They are all novices and nonconformists. As a doctor, Mori only had to issue instructions to the nurses as a doctor. He has little grasp of the actual duties of a nurse aide. Although the members have medical knowledge, they are shocked by the volume of work unrelated to medical practice for nurse aides. Told by the hospital director that he must learn everything about being a nurse aide and uncertain if he can go back to being a doctor, Mori has a feeling that the next two months will be the lowest point in his life. Will the day in which Mori becomes Dr Nurse Aide be close at hand?

Ozawa Seietsu (小澤征悦) as Mori Takeshi
Kuriyama Chiaki as Hayashi kotomi
Osugi Ren as Kuraki
Katase Nana
Kiriyama ren (桐山漣)
Kojima Fujiko
Miyazawa Sae
Masu Takeshi
Nakamura Yasuhi
Miyaji Masako
Omiya Taro
Tonesaku Toshihide
Kato Kenshiro
Ayuha Sarasha (阿由葉さら紗)
Fujimura Shunji
Hiraizumi Sei
Asaka Mayumi
Ishino Mako

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Postby Ossan » Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:13 pm

Thank you for the upload.
The main Actor's name is read OZAWA YUKIYOSHI.
His father is the famous Conductor Ozawa Seiji.

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Postby zenith777 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:34 am

Thank you VampireXxX, this might be the last time I can say thanks for all your hardwork :salut: :cheers:

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